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At Advantage Fencing, providing the highest standard of service is one of our key values. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received. Find out what others are saying:

“Wonderful to work with. Finished project by promised deadline and added last minute wire (without any complaints or headache) to bottom perimeter to keep small dogs from escaping from yard. Excellent customer service. Project was expensive but was in same neighborhood as other quotes we got. Payment was easy and owner was a pleasure to deal with.”
– Jennifer Uggen 10/7/13

“I would highly recommend Mike and the team.

They aren’t the most expensive and they are not the cheapest and are mid range in price. Mike is a local business man and owns the company, it is great to work with the owner and any issues are resolved (see below). He is fantastic to work worth and they do great work.

We initially contracted out for a 4 foot, scalloped wooden picket fence. All agreed to and signed off, 3 weeks later (on time as we agreed) the show up to put the posts in. 6 days later (1 day before they were supposed to come out to finish it off) I get a call from our developer saying our 4 foot fence violates the covenants. I called Mike and put the project on hold. After mush disputes and legal advice we decided to back down from the developer (too costly to fight) and try and figure out how we could get a 6 foot fence put in (as per requirements).

Mike came out and suggested a few different options and gave his recommendation (the less expensive of the options). The team came our and moved posts, turned 4 foot posts into 6 foot posts with reinforcement and a few days later came to put the boards on. The quality of work is outstanding, considering the debacle caused by the developer and changing covenants.

Mike was great to work with through, the team is friendly and professional and I got value for money. I don’t typically write reviews, I normally consume them, but this is my first review and would happily be a reference for Advantage Fencing.”
– Paul McMeekin 10/31/13

“Estimate was prompt. Took about 4 weeks to get started, but that was not an issue. Completed the work about a week after setting the posts. Got good comments about the quality of materials. Neighbor jumped in and had his fence replaced at the same time. Quite pleased with the result. Would, and have, recommended to others.”
– Gary Zaversnik 11/21/13

“Mike installed a custom fence that I ordered in from another state. He had never worked with the product before. We had several meetings where he asked a lot of questions and researched the installation of the product. The fence is done and looks great. He went out of his way to make sure it was going to be right. Overall I was pleased with the experience.”
– Rhonda Butler 12/18/13

“Contacted owner, Mike Paladino in late October with request to get a bid for 54′ of fence. I wasn’t sure what type of fencing I wanted to go with, but after multiple bids I went with Advantage due to responsiveness, reputation and price.
I was impressed with everything about the service I received. With e-mail communication it made the process easier for me when phone contact is not always an option.

I was given several prices on several styles of fences and once I made the decision, it was completed in the time frame originally given to me, which considering the cold weather was impressive.

I would recommend Advantage Fencing to anyone looking for a quality fence, reasonable price and timely installation.”
– Karen Sterzer 1/3/14

“Mike was a pleasure to work with , and was always reasonable and honest. His estimate (and final cost) were $1000 less than another fencing company in town, and the work was excellent. They did the work when they said they would and finished it quickly. When there was a problem he dealt with it personally and fixed it right away. We are very happy with how the fence looks, and with the quality. I definitely recommend them highly.”
– Carrie Barker 1/14/14

“When I explained over the telephone what was happening, the man who answered (sorry I did not write down his name) suggested that it could be severe cold caused some heaving. He stated that he would come out, but if I was agreeable, I should wait for a couple of days with warmer temps and then try it again. If the gate still would not open, he would come right out and get it fixed for me. He was correct!! When the weather warmed, the gate opened without a problem.

I called two other companies for bids, and they each wanted to “fix” the problem right away and charge between $150-$250!
It was refreshing to have a company offer good advice without taking a customer to the cleaners!! I WILL call them the next time I have fencing needs! Thank you!”
-Donna Solberg 4/23/14

“Advantage installed a fence in our backyard. They finished everything in 1 day. Came when they said they would and did an excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Steve Slinkard 5/16/14

“Very good! Professional, on time, great work-will be recommending him highly”
-Deena Woods 5/19/14

“Very professional and excellent work”
– Don Sunamoto 6/3/14